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The beginnings ...

I took the decision to set up "MARICO" in 1989, being influenced by numerous examples of dynamically developing small companies from the general construction sector. My objective was to develop an operating style and service quality that would make our company recognisable not only in Radom and its environs, but also countrywide.

At the beginning of the "road" to winning new customers, we accepted most types of commissions – from masonry works through installations to finishing works. However, due to the seasonal character of such assignments, it was difficult to maintain a staff of more than a dozen in the wintertime. In such difficult moments we were forced to spend the profits on mere survival instead of investing in further development.

Consequently, we decided to limit the scope of our services to typical finishing jobs, which allowed us to carry out work on an ongoing basis, irrespective of weather conditions.

Time for diamond technology...

State-of-the-art concrete cutting technologies We started cooperation with such new customers as METRO AG, DEICHMANN OBUWIE Sp. z o.o., Citi Group, being involved in the development of facilities all over Poland. During works carried out at numerous sites, a recurring need would emerge to employ the service of companies offering concrete processing equipment. Those, however, were scarce at the time. Consequently, a decision was made to purchase machines enabling the provision of passages and service penetration sleeves on an ad hoc basis. Purchasing more and more devices we realised that concrete diamond cutting and drilling is closely related to the growth of construction services. Thus, since 1996 MARICO has been one of companies offering diamond processing technologies of concrete in addition to comprehensive building services.

The growing competition in the field of general construction services made us understand that only highly specialised service providers with state-of-the-art machine park will stand a chance of surviving in the market. Slowly but steadily and consistently, we have focused our efforts on expanding the portfolio of diamond technologies to include cutting-edge solutions. This process coincided with obtaining several commencements which required the use of equipment characterised by excellent operating characteristics – mobile and efficient, as well as durable and reliable. Only this combination of features guaranteed timely completion of contracts.

Investing in new technologies...

On the basis of experience gained as a proxy for MARICO, in February 2005 I founded an independent company – MARICO f.p. – specialising in diamond technologies for concrete processing. I was the first entrepreneur in Poland to purchase construction machinery featuring the innovative high frequency (HF) technology. This decision involved significant expenditure. Moreover, we needed to convince ourselves and our customers to the HF technology, which sceptics and disbelievers regarded as too mysterious, too innovative and untested.

Investing in high frequency diamond technologies proved to be a good and smart choice that also forced our competitors to turn to new technological solutions. By taking such a risky technological choice, we could keep one step ahead of the competition. Today we are fully aware that only consistent investment in new technologies will allow us to remain at the forefront of service providers in this sector.

Robotics in selective demolition and dismantling works ...

Monitoring global developments in the market of diamond technologies, and being aware that only professional equipment matched with top quality services can bring success, we decided to set up a department dealing with selective demolition of buildings and structures, utilising radio remote controlled robots.

The beginnings were rather modest, but sustained investment in state-of-the-art professional equipment and in people made us recognisable countrywide. We did not confine ourselves to the creation of the diamond-based concrete processing technology, but we also developed a niche in the Polish market of remote controlled demolition robots, in order to improve the efficiency and safety of demolition and dismantling works.

BROKK 90 In 2007, we were one of the first companies in Poland to buy BROKK 90 remote controlled demolition robot – the flagship product from the world leading manufacturer of such devices. Long time experience in comprehensive concrete processing and a thorough analysis of the market for selective demolition of enclosed structures led us to the decision to purchase the latest and most modern "child" of BROKK AB – the remote-controlled BROKK 260.

BROKK 260 In May 2009 – rated No.1 in Poland and No.4 in Europe – the machine was delivered from the Swedish manufacturer straight to a construction site, capturing much admiration with its compact size and unparalleled performance.

With the impressive capabilities, unique efficiency and amazing mobility, BROKK 260 accompanied by BROKK 90 successfully completed the commission consisting in upgrading of the Sewage Treatment Plant in Ostroleka, which would be difficult to carry out using heavy demolition equipment.

Over several months of reworking and demolition works proceeding in the harshest and most dangerous conditions, BROKK 260 confirmed its outstanding technical performance and efficiency, comparable with much heavier specialized construction machinery.

BROKK 400 We hope that in the foreseeable future, in 2010-2011, MARICO F.P. will manage to purchase the heaviest remote controlled robot in the BROKK family – the 400 model. We believe that the growing market for selective demolition of enclosed structures will enhance interest in services provided by our company and will allow us to buy more modern devices, helping MARICO F.P. to remain one of Europe's leading companies in this sector.

Vision of the future ...

The reliability and efficiency of our machinery also translates into ongoing satisfaction of customers, who can appreciate the professionalism and commitment in implementing tasks assigned to our company.

Investments in new technologies encouraged MARICO f.p. to apply in 2005 for EU subsidies as part of an SME (small and medium enterprises) development scheme. As all formal and technical requirements were complied with, our efforts resulted in the application being approved, and financial aid being granted with a view to foster the growth of new technologies. The funding thus obtained from the Integrated Regional Operational Programme (Polish ZPORR) allowed us to purchase specialist HF (high frequency) equipment, enabling further development. In effect, yet another objective that we had set out to achieve became feasible.

Going one step further, in 2008 we filed an application for funding the purchase of a remote controlled demolition robot. This application was approved as well – both in terms of its form and content – giving us a green light to set up a SWOK department (dealing with selective demolition of enclosed facilities).

Our company's goals for the foreseeable future are to:

  • Expand our machine portfolio to include more equipment featuring the HF drive technology,
  • Purchase another robot from the BROKK "family",
  • Create a team of highly qualified staff,
  • Improve IT and logistic systems,
  • Increase our operating range.

Cezary Zakrzewski
Marico f.p

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