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Concrete diamond cutting and drilling technologies have a number of indisputable advantages that enhance the quality of specialist construction work. As a result, they are more and more often applied in general construction, industrial construction and road building industries.


  • Short execution time and reduced labour demands.

  • Accurate and aesthetic finishing of processed surfaces.

  • No vibration or shock that might result in structural damage.

  • High working comfort – low noise level accompanied by low dust level.

  • Operation possible in difficult-to-reach places.

The above-mentioned characteristics encourage the use of diamond technology in demolition and reworking processes, at the same time revealing how imperfect and eco-unfriendly conventional mechanical concrete processing methods are.

How are such effects achieved?

Everything boils down to the application and use of proper machines and devices featuring specialist cutting tools "armed" with teeth made of diamond swarf alloys, comprising so-called diamond units. The use of those elements gives excellent results, guaranteeing high efficiency and helping maintain top finishing quality.

Structural strengthening and concrete crushing

In addition to diamond technologies we also offer composite structural strengthening using SIKA CARBODUR and S&P REINFORCEMENT systems, as well as mechanical and chemical concrete crushing solutions.

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