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Concrete Cutting

Highly efficient and versatile, diamond concrete cutting technology prides itself on numerous applications in various tasks...

Thanks to the diamond technology, cutting reinforced concrete (ferroconcrete) remains feasible and effective when other conventional methods fail and prove more labour intensive.

It is a perfect solution for:

  • Demolition and dismantling works.
  • Removal of structural concrete during the renovation of bridges, flyovers, airport aprons, production halls, etc.
  • Reworking of bearing structures in monolithic facilities, industrial buildings and hydrotechnical structures.
  • Provision of passages and service penetration sleeves, etc.

It is in such situations that diamond technology turns out to be irreplaceable. Due to its versatility and wide application possibilities, it is the most effective and desired solution.

In order to ensure optimum cutting conditions and parameters, the material is cooled by running water, which guarantees work safety and minimises diamond unit heating during reinforced concrete cutting.

Concrete Cutting

Wall Cutting

Also referred to as "track sawing", it is an excellent solution for precision cutting of walls and floor slabs in renovated facilities.

This technology is suitable for:

  • precision cutting of holes for doorways and windows,

  • wall demolition and reworking,

  • forming various passages, entryways, installation openings, etc.

Circular saws designed for cutting walls can handle elements up to 91,0 cm thick, even in difficult-to-reach places and at different angles. Work can be carried out at varied angles thanks to a system of tracks guiding the saw head with a diamond disc.

The track sawing operation is controlled remotely by an operator. This solution ensures a safe working environment, causing no undue stress or strain to the structure, and guaranteeing maximum safety even in the most demanding conditions.

Concrete Cutting

Concrete Cutting

Concrete Cutting

Floor Cutting

Employing a wide variety of floor saws and cutting machines, we can carry out selective cutting tasks at specified depths, without the risk of impairing structural statics of the facility.

Such works are usually performed while cutting flat surfaces of motorways, bridges, airport aprons, concrete pavements, industrial floorings, floor slabs, etc. Our concrete floor saws are capable of cutting up to 60 cm in depth.

It is the most frequently applied diamond-based floor cutting method.

Floor Cutting

Floor Cutting

Diamond Wire Cutting

Pentruder 3P8 HF There are special "beads" fitted on the wire, fabricated as diamond swarf alloy with fillers comprising other materials. Similarly to diamond units, they ensure effective and efficient cutting.

The application of diamond wire for cutting tasks delivers greater cutting depth, which cannot be achieved by circular wall saw blades. Diamond wire cutting creates a wealth of new opportunities, overcoming the limitation of maximum thickness of processed components. It is, however, more expensive than traditional cutting tools and therefore is only used where wall saws are unable to complete the task owing to their inherent limitations.

Where diamond wire (cable) is used, all the advantages of the diamond technology are retained, and the solution improves technical parameters, at the same time expanding the range of potential applications.

Pentruder 3P8 wire saw that we use in our work is one of the best and most efficient devices in its class available in the market.

Combining lightweight structure with extraordinary performance, it is suitable for both small and very large projects.

The setup is extremely simple and fast, making direct cuts possible without the use of extra blocks or satellite pulleys.

Pentruder 3P8 HF

Pentruder 3P8 HF

Pentruder 3P8 HF

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