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Concrete Milling

We apply milling operations to clean, profile, even out or remove flooring layers. This in turn helps to obtain a clean and strong base surface with good adhesion characteristics.

The machines we use are professional milling machines employed for extremely heavy duty work.

Schwamborn BEF 301

Concrete Milling It is designed for milling, scarifying, removing layers and markings on the surface, as well as renovating old floors.

The machine can mill concrete and screeds over large areas. Milling both in forward and reverse gear, exact adjustment of milling depth and two-speed drive mechanism ensure professional work and excellent results.

The working width is 300 mm and the maximum milling depth is 5 mm.

BOBCAT with a Milling Machine

Concrete Milling Equipped with a high-torque hydraulic motor, the machine effectively mills asphalt or concrete, and requires minimum maintenance. The device features a hydraulic travel functionality to mill surfaces near walls or kerbs. Continuous depth control, with skid depth visible from the operator's seat. Precision control with a manipulator.


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