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Concrete Drilling

Concrete Drilling

Drilling in concrete requires specialised core drills which, just like diamond blades, come with embedded diamond units.


The characteristics of core hole drilling in concrete are as follows:

  • Low noise level during the operation,

  • High parameter accuracy,

  • High quality of processed surface,

  • No vibrations affecting the static characteristics of the facility,

  • High cutting efficiency.

If greater-than-standard-depth holes are needed, a system of extensions is used to help drill "long holes" almost without any length limitations.

Concrete drilling with diamond core drills is used for any type of cylindrical holes: for wiring, sanitary, ventilation, heating, ICT systems, and many more.


We use professional equipment for our drilling services

Tractive Core Drill

Pentruder MD1 is a modular drilling system, which can employ high-frequency or hydraulic technology.

Ranked among the most efficient systems on the market.

Pentruder MD1 is ideal for heavy and demanding jobs.

The system enables drilling holes up to 550 mm in diameter without an adapter.

We use a set of adapters and core drills that can make core holes up to 1300 mm in diameter.




WEKA Core Drills

WEKA's core drills are perfect for drilling holes in concrete, reinforced concrete, marble, granite, brick, including clinker brick, and other building materials.
It is a class of its own. Experts from the industry evaluate WEKA's motors as the best ones in the world. These core drills can make holes up to 550 mm in diameter.

Wiertnice Weka


HILTI Core Drills

Very easy to use and reliable. We have various models for a variety of applications at our disposal, with different power outputs. These devices offer penetrations up to 500 mm in diameter.


Wiertnice HILTI

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