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Demolition and Dismantling

We offer mechanical demolition services for reinforced concrete, concrete as well as brick buildings and structures with various heights and cubic volumes.

We use state-of-the art equipment, being among the first in Poland to purchase the remote controlled BROKK 90 demolition robot.

We were also the first to bring to Poland BROKK 260, yet another remote controlled demolition robot.

With an extensive machine portfolio and highly qualified staff, we can deliver top quality in the field of demolition and dismantling.


We use professional equipment, such as:



BROKK 260 Brokk 260 is designed for different types of demolition work in the construction industry. It is BROKK's most versatile demolition machine whose unparalleled quality and efficiency has been confirmed in extremely challenging environments.

Effective combination of reliable technology and continuous development is instrumental in BROKK 260's success across the world! The robot has immense capabilities and is exceptionally effective. Still, it is compact enough to be an ideal choice for work in confined spaces!

The combination of lightweight structure and the ability to use heavy tools makes it a very reliable device!


BROKK 90 Brokk 90 is one of the most versatile machines available on the market for demolition in enclosed and confined spaces.

It offers all the best features of previous Brokk models, and all the experience of users of Brokk's machines.

Owing to its dimensions, it is the ultimate choice for demolition in confined spaces, and for many other demolition jobs.


BOBCAT S250H Loader with HB880 Breaker

Bobcat Bobcat's breakers offer top working parameters, require little maintenance, and are easy to use.

Designed to dig trenches, demolish concrete structures and make excavations, these machines have a cylindrical structure, ensuring better access if the work is performed in confined spaces.


BOSCH GSH 27 Breaker

Bosch The breaker for the most heavy-duty demolition work, marked by high single impact force, extremely sturdy construction for exceptionally long service life, and a low vibration level in operation.

It is designed for handling tough and hard masses, crusted gravel and other hard materials.

The device can also be used for breaking road pavements, reinforced concrete floor slabs, foundations, etc.





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