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Composite Structural Strengthening

Composite structural strengthening systems are used whenever it is impossible to use conventional methods of improving the strength or load-bearing capacity of existing facilities. SIKA CARBODUR and S&P REINFORCEMENT are the most commonly used solutions in the market.

The composite structural strengthening method consists in applying carbon plates and mats using special modified adhesives. Composite "wrapping" proceeds in a strictly defined way, based on strength calculations for the reinforced component. After being glued to the original material, carbon fibres in plates and mats create a monolithic structure, thus improving overall endurance parameters of the component.

The endurance of carbon fibres used for this purpose is six times greater than that of reinforced concrete alone.


Composite Structural Strengthening


The systems are used to reinforce:

  • Floor slabs and load-bearing slabs

  • Reinforced concrete beams and joists

  • Beams and load-bearing structures of bridges and flyovers

  • Structural reinforced concrete and steel columns

  • Concrete or brick walls

Composite Structural Strengthening

Composite Structural Strengthening

System endurance in various conditions

Composite structural strengthening systems have been thoroughly examined and tested in extremely difficult conditions. The strength of components subjected to static and dynamic loads – in low and high temperatures, and in high humidity – did not decrease. No smoke was observed during fire tests. Due to the versatility of applications and the possibility of free shaping, carbon fibres are used more and more widely for the purposes of strengthening structures based on this method.


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