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Remote controlled demolition robots



Brokk 260 is designed for different types of demolition and reworking jobs in the construction industry. It is the most versatile demolition machine manufactured by BROKK. The unparalleled quality and efficiency of this device has been confirmed in extremely challenging and dangerous environments.



Brokk 90 is one of the most flexible machines available on the market for demolition in enclosed and confined spaces.


Wall Saws



TRACTIVE AB Circular Wall Saws

We currently own three PENTPAK 422 units with 8-20 heads, and one PENTPAK 415 unit with a 8-12 head, employing the high frequency (HF) technology.

As of today, PENTPAK 422 HF with a 8-20 is the most efficient machine available for cutting concrete, using large diameter saw blades. It offers numerous advantages that make work safe, easy and effective.

The new saw in the HF version offers a high frequency power output of 22 kW thanks to the custom designed, extremely durable HF motor. It is by no means a DIY tool, but a meticulously and accurately developed professional machine.


HILTI Circular Wall Saw

A reliable hydraulic saw from a global brand. Maximum cutting depth: 53 cm.


Diamond Core Drill Systems

Diamond Core Drill Systems

HILTI Diamond Core Drill System

Reliable and simple to use. We have 4 Hilti drilling and coring tools at our disposal, with different power outputs. They are characterised by high rigidity and modular design, offering penetrations up to 500 mm in diameter.


TRACTIVE AB Diamond Core Drill System

A high capacity drilling tool with a 22 kW HF motor that can easily make up to 1200 mm holes using core drill bits!


This high quality machine enables drilling both small and large holes in the blink of an eye. Drilling an 800 mm hole takes no longer that drilling a 200 mm hole with the use of a different system.

The tool is based on a modular drilling system, which makes it a robust and versatile solution. Holes can be drilled at any angle, while the gear box ensures extremely smooth and efficient operation of the system.





WEKA Diamond Core Drills

DK 17 2000 W - 230 V

Designed for drilling holes up to 200 mm in diameter.


DK 32 3000 W - 230 V

Study solution for drilling holes up to 350 mm in diameter.


DK 52 (S) 5200 W - 400 V / 3-phase

Water-cooled motor, up to 400 mm drilling diameter.


Wire Saws

Pentruder 3P8

Pentruder 3P8 Wire Saw

Combining enormous power, low weight and outstanding performance, it is suitable for both small and very large projects.

The setup is extremely simple and fast, making direct cuts possible without the use of extra blocks or satellite pulleys.


Road Saws


PRO-MAG Road Saw

Heavy-duty floor saw. Featuring a 3-speed gearbox, compact and modern design, and excellent technical specifications, it is unrivalled in its class.



PROFI-TECH Floor Cutter



  • STIHL Cutter

  • PARTNER Cutter


Other tools

  • HILTI, BOSCH, MAKITA Demolition Hammers and Breakers

  • HILTI Handheld Core Drills and Chasers

  • HILTI and KARCHER Industrial Vacuum Cleaners


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