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A few words about our company

I took the decision to set up "MARICO" in 1989, being influenced by numerous small companies developing very dynamically in the general construction sector. My objective was to develop an operating style and service quality that would make our company recognisable not only in Radom and its environs, but also countrywide.

At the beginning of the "road" to winning new customers, we accepted most types of commissions – from masonry works through installations to finishing works. However, due to the seasonal character of such assignments, it was difficult to maintain a staff of more than a dozen in the wintertime. In such difficult moments we were forced to spend the profits on mere survival instead of investing in further development.

Consequently, we decided to limit the scope of our services to typical finishing jobs, which allowed us to carry out work on an ongoing basis, irrespective of weather conditions.

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Our offer includes:

  • Diamond concrete processing technologies:

    • Cutting

    • Drilling

    • Milling

    • Grinding

  • Concrete crushing and hammering

  • Demolition and dismantling

  • Anchoring

  • Structural strengthening

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MARICO f.p. Cezary Zakrzewski
26-600 Radom POLAND, 11 listopada 85
tel. / fax.:+48 48 62 97 247
mobile:+48 601 333 643
e-mail: marico@marico.com.pl

mobile: +48 601 065 056, +48 509 220 221
e-mail: marico@marico.net.pl